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CHE Pack Life

CHE Pack Life



To follow are the standing committees where parents can provide input on spending, learn about the school budget, learn about the curriculum, and help the school achieve its goals:

Back to School Annual Meeting is held at the beginning of the school year. During this meeting the principal shares information about:

  • Title 1 school-wide programs
  • CHE's special program:  Project Lead the Way and its associated curriculum
  • Ways for parents to be involved in their child's education and the different types of activities on the calendar during the year.
  • Ways that students can achieve success & the indicators that success has been achieved
  • How the school will be communicating with parents
  • The collective agreement to be S.U.R.E:  safe, understanding, respectful, and put in our best effort.

School Site Council (SSC) is a committee formed of elected members of CHE's educational community. The principal, parents, community members, staff, & teachers come together to discuss:

  • Categorical funding such as Title I funds
  • Creating the budget based on school needs highlighting those funded by Title 1 funds.
  • Discuss the curriculum and technology used by students at the school that are funded by Title 1.
  • Create the Single Plan for Student Achievement

is an integral part of the support system - financial and philosophical - for both students and program at CHE. Calavera Hills has an active PTA, and we encourage you to become actively involved in our school. Our annual membership drive begins the first week of school. Look for Parent Teacher Association (PTA) notice in the Coyote Courier and become a part of our team! Visit our webpage for more information. Our site offers a variety of meeting times to accommodate our working parents. 

English Language Advisory Council (ELAC) meets monthly to discuss and provide input regarding services and programs for our Second Language Learners. All parents are welcome to attend. Please contact Mrs. Marlene Bullard, English Language Development Specialist, through the front office for more information. Meetings are held after working hours to accommodate working parents.    

  • Meetings are held regularly throughout the year. 
  • Parents learn about how categorical funds are spent & are given a chance to provide input to SSC on how to spend funds 
  • Some meeting topics include: Importance of attendance, school budgets and policies, helping your child at home with homework, and understanding how schools work.
  • Meetings are held in Spanish primarily or in English with a translator. 

Everyone A Reader is an organization whose primary purpose is to support student literacy through reading with children. We are actively seeking volunteers to read one-on-one with children for 1-1/2 hours per week. Please contact the school office if you or someone you know is interested in helping our students become more fluent readers!

Classroom Volunteers needed in classroom activities and with educational and enrichment programs. If you are interested in volunteering in your child's classroom, please let the teacher know. Additionally, a volunteer form and copy of a current TB test must be filed in the office.

Coyote Dads is a group of dads who decided to make a difference on our campus. Through a variety of events and activities, our dads help to build a climate of community, show the importance that dads have on their children's education, and have a great time doing it! Events coordinated by our Dads include the Pancake Breakfast and our Coyote Campout.

Art in Action- is an art program which provides to each classroom each month an in-depth study of a particular artist and his/her work. Two parents per classroom are needed to present each lesson as students learn about the artist and recreate a piece of that artist's work. You don't need to be an artist to join. Training is provided and will give you all the skills you need to teach a great art lesson.