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Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

Calavera Hills Elementary complies with the district’s health and wellness policy which was developed over the past several years by a committee of district staff and community members, dedicated to the improvement of student health and achievement. Nutritional guidelines of the wellness policy apply to all foods and beverages served or sold to students on campus; including one half hour before and one half hour after the school day. This includes, but is not limited to, organization sales, ASB sales, vending, daily rewards, and classroom celebrations.


Birthdays are very special and exciting days for many of us. We enjoy honoring students on their birthdays. We also respect families that do not want us making a big deal out of their child’s birthday. As a school community, we want to continue recognizing our students’ special day while being cognizant and compliant with our District Wellness Policy, student allergies, and financial hardships.

We are moving away from edible treats for birthdays and replacing them with non-food celebrations. Students, teachers and parents may collaborate to choose an appropriate celebration option.  Some examples may include: having a guest reader come in, or donating a book, game, or supplies to the class in their honor. In addition, student birthdays will be recognized by the teacher and principal. Any edible birthday treats including, but not limited to cupcakes, cakes, donuts, popsicles, etc. will be sent home.

Other holiday and curriculum-based food experiences will continue to be managed by the classroom teachers.

Together we can continue to celebrate our students in a healthy and positive way!